5 hacks to deal with snow and ice on your car

Snowy and icy conditions is a huge struggle for car owners. Not only does it make driving seem impossible, it can also take a toll on your car. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself and your car before venturing out on the roads. With the help of Go Green Leasing, we have put together a few hacks that help you and your car deal with the snow and ice.

Apply ice prevention spray on your windows

Although we all plan to wake up early and scrape the ice off our windows, it can sometimes become a time-consuming chore and can make you late. Make sure you apply ice prevention spray on your window to help keep your windows as ice free as possible, this can be either be purchased from your local supermarket or made at home!

Apply oil to your doors

Some people use WD-40 to keep the keyhole from freezing in the winter but not many people think about using cooking oil for other areas of your car. You can place cooking oil on the rubber part of your car doors to prevent them from freezing shut overnight.

Use toothpaste to increase your visibility

With the cold and misty weather conditions, headlights are one of the most important aspects of your car. Buy some extra toothpaste next time you’re in the supermarket and use this as a cheap alternative, to cleaning your headlights. Just cover the headlight’s and rinse off with warm water for a more bright and noticeable appearance.

Place a plastic bag over your mirrors

Now that you have your headlights sorted, it’s time to get your wing and side mirrors ready for the harsh weather.  To prevent ice settling on your windows, place a plastic over them for the night. All you need for this is rubber bands to secure the bag in the place and when you wake up in the morning, the mirrors should be ice free.

Keep socks in your glove box

This isn’t just an emergency supply of socks just in case your feet get cold, the socks are there to put over your shoes. By placing the socks over your shoes, this gives you better traction if you need to either push your car in the snow or if you need venture way from your car for a short period of time.