5 New Facts About Car Cover You Might Have Missed

Saving money on your car insurance is a pretty big priority, especially since we can’t go without it. If you want to be a safe, responsible, and legal driver on the road, you have to make sure that you’re being mindful of your car cover. Sticking with the legal minimum might help you save money, but what if you want the best balance between money and flexibility? That’s when you need to dig a little deeper and see if there’s anything new about car cover that you need to know.

Since you’re curious, we’ll fill you in: there’s a great deal of information out there about car cover, but there are five points that can really help you save money.


1. Customize Your Quote

Customizing your quote is a great way to save on car insurance. If you know that you don’t drive very much, you need to tell them that so they can find the quote that fits your needs. If you’re insuring something specific, like an RV, then you need to be very clear about that. If your vehicle has special modifications that you want to protect, you need to be specific about that. It might sound expensive to get so customised, but that’s not the case at all. Insurance companies can be so broad in order to cover all of the risks that the more information they have for you, the better that you can get a quote.

2. Get More Specific

Just like with customising a quote, you need to get specific about who you are as a driver. Have you taken a defensive driving course in the last 3 – 5 years? That could entitle you to a discount. Are you a safe driver? Make sure that it shows up. Sometimes names can get keyed into a system and you may be falsely held responsible for another driver. Be sure that you get things settled out, instead of just settling for whatever quote that you’re given.

3. Use a Monitoring Device in the Car

Many insurance firms now offer a way to cut your rate almost in half: telemetrics! These devices install in your car and they monitor every aspect of your driving. This way, they can see if you’re an aggressive driver or someone that’s going to play by the rules. The safer a driver, the more discounts that you’re going to receive. However, the opposite is true. If you’re caught driving recklessly by the device, you can expect to pay more.

4. Go Multi-Year to Really Save

You’ve probably heard of paying your policy six months at a time in order to save money, or maybe even a full year. But what if you had some side cash so you could pay every 2 years or so? Multi-year discounts exist, and they can save you a lot of money over the course of your term. But they do require some sacrifice, because you’re going to have to save up a full two year’s worth of money. That can be challenging.

5. See if There’s a Mobile App

A mobile app in of itself might not sound like a money saving tool, but you might be pleasantly surprised. Indeed, car insurance companies want to make sure that they can reach out to you with offers and deals. If youĂ­re willing to install and keep one of their apps on your phone, that’s valuable data that they’re willing to give you a discount for in order to receive for themselves. If you have the room on your smartphone, it doesn’t hurt to add the app. Not only could you get a discount, but you’ll have some features built into the app that could be helpful. For example, some insurance apps allow you to start working on a fast claim right there from your phone, rather than trying to get on the phone with a claims representative.

Overall, these tips can help you save money on not just car cover, but other forms of insurance coverage. Since the goal is to build a great portfolio of policies, these tips should serve you well for a long time to come!