What You can do to Support the Right 2 Repair Campaign

If you decide that the Right 2 Repair campaign is one that is worth supporting, then you may think that you want to spread the word. It is quite easy these days to do this and below are some ideas on how you can do this.

Firstly on a personal level you could tell friends and family about it. Most people have cars these days and may have found the problem with having to go to the manufacturer for a repair. This will mean that they will know how much more expensive this will have turned out to be than if they had been able to go elsewhere. They may not be aware that they could campaign for change and it may alert some of them to a problem that they were not aware of.

Support the Right 2 Repair Campaign

You could tell people in person but also put things on social media, so that you can get the message across to people that you do not see very often. Ask them to share it as well and then this will help to spread the idea wider and wider.

Another place to go to is small garages. They will be aware of the problem and they will be looking for ways to resolve it. They are sure to be keen to promote any changes that could advantage them. Share on their social media pages, email them or even visit ones which are local to you. Express to them how important it is that more people know about the problem and the campaign. They will be able to let their customers know and ask them to spread information about it as well.

The aim should be to let as many people know as possible about it. The more knowledge is out there the better. Then you need to be able to campaign to get the rules changed on this. This could be done by approaching car manufacturers or governments. It is worth approaching both. It is possible to communicate with them by social media or email. The more people that contact their local member of parliament asking about it and the more people that demand that manufacturers change, the more likely things will change. Telling people how to make these contacts and what wording to put in correspondence will make it easier for people to do. It could even be worth setting up a petition. You can do this online. In the UK you can set up petitions on a government website which will be discussed in parliament should it get enough support. There is likely to be similar things which can be done in other European governments to help awareness. If you are in a country that is a member of the EU then taking up to EU parliament level might be worthwhile as well, then it would benefit a lot more people than just those in your country. By doing this you would have helped yourself and your family and friends but also a lot more people too.