Find correct bolt-pattern for the rims

It could be a hassle to find the correct bolt-pattern for your car if you are going to switch the rims by yourself and not use professional mechanics at the nearest tyre-shop. But luckily you can now find the correct bolt-pattern for almost any car on the source

Importance of the right bolt-pattern

Imagine if you have paid a lot of money for your new rims. The rims will help you impress on both friends and ladies. But when you have received the rims and are about to put the onto your car yo notice the rims have 5 holes but the wheels on your car only admits 4 holes to put bolts thru. In other words, its impossible to install your brand-new rims. Now you must send them back to the retailer which means you have to pay extra freight-costs and you also have to spend extra time on this. Not so funny! So be wise and make sure you know the correct bolt-patterns of your car before you order new rims. This will save you a lot of time and money. And once you have installed your new rims, don’t forget to cruise safely down the road.