High Tech and High Touch – A Winning Combination for Inchcape Volkswagen

In an age where consumers have plenty of choices, the showroom must continue to evolve. Inchcape Volkswagen is leading the way by building an elaborate and interesting showroom in West London. To say that the facility introduces plenty of futuristic elements might seem hyperbolic to some, but it is truly interesting to see what the company has in store for new and existing customers alike.

From the beginning, everything one could ask for is found right on the grounds, from full sales support to repair services. The repairs are carried out by factory trained technicians, making sure that customers can really get their deepest car problems resolved quickly.

Inchcape Volkswagen

This is the largest Volkswagen retailer by far, and Inchcape is determined to make this flagship showroom truly stand out. The focus is on functionality, but never at the expense of the customer’s comfort.

The physical specifications of the site are fascinating; the entire facility is comprised of four floors, and holds space for nearly a hundred vehicles. The site itself is 1.6 acres and sits just west of the heart of London. There are almost thirty service bays available, so customers shouldn’t be subjected to a terribly long wait even in the busiest times of the year.

It’s not all about new cars, of course; pre-owned cars are still showcased here, with knowledge staff waiting to give further details. in fact, two whole floors are dedicated to cars that aren’t new but have gone through a rigorous round or three of testing to ensure quality performance.

The high tech features don’t stop there, of course: you have to check out the video walls that are around the facility. They’re over 140 inches tall and give car presentations a truly immersive appeal. There are even tablets provided by the staff that can let customers check out the selection and just tap the vehicles that they’re most interested in. The sales team will then follow up to ensure the customer gets exactly what they’re looking for. It’s not just the vehicles for sale in the flagship showroom, but all of the stock available nationwide.

Rounding out the feature list here is a vertical garden that is watered exclusively by rainwater collection pools. Solar energy helps keep the facility running smoothly, improving efficiency across the board.