How entertainment has changed in cars over the years

Entertainment in cars has evolved in recent years, gone are the days of having a cd player and in comes the digital touch dashboard that has many different features from playing videos to playing online games due to most cars now providing an internet connection which is allowing us to visit online entertainment platforms to provide us with entertainment during our journeys.

Forms of online entertainment

Online entertainment has changed in recent years and car manufacturers have realised that they are starting to ensure that their new vehicles are equipped with systems that can support this such as Apple car play which is helping car owners to stream music from their Apple phones to the car from platforms such as Spotify and Apple music.

Some cars have taken entertainment in them to the next level with cars such as Tesla providing PlayStation and Xbox games for their drivers to play on whilst being stationary or the passengers can play in the back of the car whilst on the move. Having entertainment systems like these have helped to boost the entertainment in cars with many of us now looking to buy cars that feature these online entertainment systems.

Dated stereos

Car stereos have changed in recent years with them being replaced by big touch screens that offer us lots of different things within them, from playing music to being able to watch movies and play online games. Who even remembers the old cassette players in cars? It just shows how much car stereos and car entertainment have changed over the decades and they have changed for the greater good.

Even in the backseats of cars now you can find tv monitors in the headrest of the seats to provide entertainment for either your children or your passengers in the backseats. You can have games consoles fitted into your cars as well now due to the entertainment systems on board being able to link up with the technology and the car’s battery can provide the power to run the devices. It will be interesting to see how car entertainment changes in the next few years due to it surely being at a peak right now and near enough being impossible to beat.