Taking a closer look at Your Car’s Braking System

Pull a few motorists aside and ask them what their worst breakdown fears are, and at least one will tell you something that involves their brakes. We have to have the brakes in order to get the car to stop, and there is an obvious worry that if the entire braking system comes to a halt, a very dangerous accident is waiting in the wings.

In the interest of brake safety, there are some regular maintenance work that you need to do with your brakes. Have them checked out and look for signs that something may be rotten in Denmark, as the saying goes.

braking system

1. Noise

We all like to ignore brake noise, because let’s face it … brakes can get expensive. Even if you’re someone that likes the idea of doing things on your own, there may be parts of the braking system that are better left to a professional. When you step on the brakes, do they make a high-pitched squealing sound? This is a safety feature in your brakes that tells you that it’s getting past time to replace the brake pads, as they are worn. It could also be the brake calipers, or a combination of different things. Even if it’s just a wheel bearing going out, you should still get it checked.

2. Brake Service Light

Now, it might sound like common sense to go ahead and pay attention to the lights on your dash. However, when we’re jumping in and out of the vehicle so fast to take care of everything and everyone, we might not get around to it. This is where you need to take a few deep breaths and focus, because your brake light won’t just come out without a reason. Even if you have a faulty light, you still need to get it checked out often.

3. Hard Pressure on Braking Pedal

If your braking pedal requires hard pressure in order to stop your car, you really need to get that looked at right away. It’s better to make sure that you’ve taken the steps to really handle everything going on with your vehicle, and ignoring hard pressure braking can lead to serious problems with your overall braking system.

Every now and then, take your vehicle out for a drive in an empty parking lot and see how it handles. If you can stop reasonably quickly, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you are having problems with your vehicle, this is the time to get it taken care of. Safe travels to you!