Why Your tires are so Critical to great Driving Experiences

It’s finally time to go on holiday and you couldn’t be more excited. You’ve got the family packed up, right down to the last suitcase. You’ve checked everything you can think of, from the extra paperwork to fill a prescription while you’re away from home, and the pet sitter’s phone number is now saved in your phone. Your treasured family pet will be well taken care of while you’re gone; one less thing to worry about for sure.

But have you stopped to think about your tires? After all, you can’t get to your destination without them. You can’t do anything without good tires, and the more wear that you have on your tires, the more trouble you risk if something happens.


One of the top problems with tires is that people don’t rotate and balance them regularly. Did you know that your tires need to be rotated regularly so that they’ll wear evenly. Some people end up replacing tires far too soon because they never realized they needed to rotate the tires more often. Balancing is equally important, because although the tires come prebalanced, everyday driving can knock this delicate balance out of whack over time.

Don’t forget to use a tire pressure gauge to check the tires each and every time you get on the road. If your tires are over-inflated, you’re risking a very dangerous blowout, especially in the summertime.

Do you have a spare tire in the boot already? If so, you’re good to go for the most part. However, you need to remember to check on that spear every few trips to make sure that it’s still properly inflated. If you can spare the money, getting a full sized spare is way better than the “donut” style tire. You can only drive for so long on the donut before you have to get another tire.

Going on holiday is exciting, but you still have to make sure that your car is in working condition from the inside out. Just as you would check your oil before you take off, spending some time looking at the wear patterns on the tires and the pressure is never a bad thing. Happy trails!