Upgrading Your Radiator is a wise Investment

Tuning up an old car doesn’t just mean adding the best motor and transmission system. Sometimes, you have to step back and look at how all of the parts work together in order to make your vehicle be the very best it can be. If you’re looking at an upcoming project and wondering what’s missing, it’s time to start thinking about upgrading the radiator as well. Now then, why is the radiator so important?

It seems like a simple question, but it really isn’t. The radiator is often overlooked until it finally breaks down, forcing the driver to examine not only how to fix it, but just how important it is. So to answer the question, the radiator is one of the major components of your car’s cooling system.

Upgrading Radiator

As you might imagine, your car’s engine can run very hot during operating times. Something has to be in place to draw that heat away from the engine and continue to keep it cool. Now, does that mean that all heat is bad? You need a certain amount of heat to make sure that the cylinders and pistons inside the engine block are going to work together properly. In the winter, the heat that your car produces is valuable and has to be protected. The radiator is part of that process, keeping heat where it needs to go and yet protecting the car from getting too hot.

The oil that you put into your car works with the cooling system as well, because if the car is running too hot, it means that the oil can’t lubricate the engine right. Thick, sludgy oil means a sludgy engine, which will eventually seize up and break down.

If you notice that your car is getting overheated more often, it’s a sign that the radiator just isn’t working the way it used to function. The thermostat can stop working properly, or you could have a leak in one of the radiator hoses. Either way, if you start noticing performance issues you have to take care of it.

That’s why we like the team at Advanced Radiators. These aren’t your average sales people that know nothing about radiators. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, they’ll look through their database to find a quality radiator that will serve you well in your rebuild. They are available to answer questions and make sure that you know exactly what you’re going to receive. They are even part of several trade associations that ensure that the customer is getting a quality experience, every single time.

Don’t hesitate to get your radiator replaced or upgraded. The investment will lead to a car that’s much more likely to start the first time all of the time, and get you where you want to go.