Vehicle Excise Duty 2017

This is a great infographic from Motorparks all about the new rules for Vehicle Excise Duty. Since April 2017 things have changed, with the old rules being very much based around CO2 emissions and the range from £0 to £515 for single 12 month payments. However rules have now changed.

For brand new cars there will be a one off charge for the first year and then after that there will be a £0 charge only for zero emissions vehicles with a £140 charge for all others. But then there will be an additional premium charge for cars costing more than £40,000 for the first five years. This means that the first year will be slightly cheaper than the standard rate. However, for expensive vehicles the tax will be significantly higher than it was before, for some more than £2,000. It is well worth checking out the details to see how you might be effected if you buy a brand new car in the future.